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Outsourcing Your E-learning Content Development: A Winning Strategy

Published 29 days ago



Article Insight: When you lack the talent and expertise to produce top-quality eLearning content and don’t have the time either, outsourcing is the best way to attain your objectives. 

Many reports and studies state that the e-learning market is expanding very fast and is among the fastest-growing industries. Most organizations and individuals have acknowledged its potency and accessibility in the matter of educating themselves. Because of the easy availability of the internet and the rise in usage of smartphones, it has become easy for learners to access eLearning from anywhere and whenever they want. 


Moreover, most organizations have accepted e-learning as a dependable and effective substitute for conventional learning, and this has led to the growth of the eLearning market. In this situation, eLearning content development is very crucial. It is a method of generating content in digital form for learners who can access it through digital means.  

eLearning content development demands top-quality content creation, video content development, and, most importantly, interactive content. When it comes to developing top-quality eLearning content, e-learning companies are on top of their game. Expert e-learning content providers are very innovative in their approach to generating eLearning content. They know exactly how to implement contemporary methods to engage learners and make their learning experience smooth and interactive. 

The result of any e-learning course heavily depends on e-learning materials, and creating an effective e-learning course is not an easy task. It requires thorough planning and devotion to provide the learner with a high-quality learning experience. Developing e-learning content in-house can be challenging because creating engaging, informative, and effective learning material requires both experience and expertise. 

Whereas the specialist eLearning content providers have specific knowledge of creating excellent eLearning content. They comprehend the principles of instructional design and apply their skills to generate captivating and implicit eLearning content. They have plenty of experience using different eLearning software and tools like Adobe Creative, Articulate Storyline, and more. By using these tools effectively, they produce interactive elements like quizzes and games to help learners retain the information they gain. 

The Challenges of In-house Content Development:

challenges of in-house development in eLearning

Let's look at some challenges faced by organizations attempting in-house content development. 

Developing a course in a short time: 

it's not an easy task to create an e-learning course in a short period of time. If a new machine is launched by a company, then it becomes mandatory for the technicians to know how to fix parts. It means the company must develop a course before the launch of the product and deliver it to learners at short notice. And it's not possible with in-house content development. 


Updating content:

Engaging the learner is the biggest challenge. As we have discussed above, creating appealing, relevant, and interactive content needs time, and finding the right content is not easy. It's not just about the engagement of the learner; it should align with the learning needs of employees. It requires ample knowledge of instructional strategies to properly place the content. Which the in-house development team lacks.  Most of the time, the content of the e-learning courses needs to be updated, and this is quite difficult for the in-house content development team. 

Budget limitations:

You should have a qualified design and development team for building courses in-house. The challenge is to build the courses within budget, as it comprises the cost of creating the courses and the salaries of the team as well.


Benefits of Outsourcing E-learning Content Development:  

outsourcing elearning development

Let's look at some of the major e-learning content outsourcing benefits.


Skilled people will work for you: It's not easy for businesses to afford a well-equipped in-house content development team. But when you outsource, you easily get the services of highly skilled professionals who have the ability to deliver top-quality e-learning content according to the requirements of your project.

Cost savings: 

By outsourcing e-learning content development, you can easily evade the costs related to employing a costly full-time in-house team. It's easy to bring down your e-learning development costs remarkably without compromising on quality by just outsourcing your e-learning development. Outsourcing e-learning development for cost savings is certainly not a bad idea. 

Faster development:

Expert e-learning content providers can produce top-quality solutions much quicker as compared to an in-house team. Working with e-learning content providers allows you to get the services of specialists who help you complete any of your projects on time and, importantly, within budget. 

Content stays current: 

e-learning service providers always update themselves and are aware of new trends and technologies in the e-learning industry. By associating with them, you can take advantage of their expertise and make your e-learning content more progressive. And stop it from becoming stagnant. 


Ample experience: 

Quality e-learning content outsourcing allows you to make good use of the experience of experts who have worked on different projects. They can foresee inherent issues and, if needed, troubleshoot them as well. Their depth of experience will help you solve regular issues. 

let's create your elearning modules

When should you Outsource your E-learning Content Development?

reason to outsource your elearning project

Most of the time, it's not easy to manage the skills and time of your team to attain desired results. And sometimes your team lacks the required skill set as well. Outsourcing productively measures out the resources and puts them to the greatest possible use. 

Substandard Outcomes: You can attain your vision successfully by outsourcing your eLearning content development. When your in-house team battles to transform your training goals, objectives, and results into a reality. 

Time Frames: Meeting deadlines is not easy when your employees are too occupied with work and are finding it hard to meet the target time. Outsourcing is the best option for a quick turnaround. A reputed e-learning content provider can easily deliver top-quality solutions swiftly as compared to an in-house team. 

Lack of Ideas: You should have a clear idea about developing content. If your team doesn’t have the required skills to meet standards and doesn’t know how to initiate the project, then outsourcing can help you out. As e-learning content providers have plenty of ideas for developing e-learning content. 

best elearning vendor

There are some factors you should consider before choosing the right e-learning content partner. Let's shed some light on them:


Skills and experience:

You just can't concentrate and rely on figures and statistics while looking at the skills and experience of an eLearning content development service provider. Take some time and assess the projects they have finished and what impact they had on the enterprise they developed for. It's always better to see if their previous projects align with your e-learning requirements.


Examine the staff: 

Your project is very important to you, so you can't just trust people and assign them the job. It's better to go through the profile of every member who will be working on your eLearning needs. If possible, try to meet with each team member to see whether they have command over their subject or not. This way, you will know if they’ve got what it takes to produce results.


Get feedback:

You can ask your content development providers about their previous work and references to clients they have worked for. Try to meet those clients whose projects are much like your requirements. Ask their previous clients about their performance, as this will give you an idea of their proficiency. 


Your content development partner should meet your changing requirements. Whether it's scaling up your eLearning initiatives or scaling down, they should adjust to it without any problems. Adaptability is the key factor, as eLearning content consistency determines the success of a training program. 

Procedure for quality check: 

There are some important questions related to quality assurance practices that you should ask your content provider. Like, what process do they have for quality checks? If they have a team for it, and importantly, how many times does a product get assessed before delivery? Get answers to these questions before deciding on your content development partner. 

The Challenges of Outsourcing E-learning Content Development: 

challenges of outsourcing

Security concerns: 

The privacy of your company's data is very crucial, so make sure that the e-learning content-providing company has strong data security measures to protect it. If possible, go for a non-disclosure agreement; this way, you can maintain confidentiality. 


The quality of the course is quite essential, as it determines the outcome of the training. Pick a reliable content development company with a record of producing top-quality e-learning content. 


Possible disconnection:

Your communication should be clear with the content provider. The scope and objectives of the e-learning content must be clearly defined. Otherwise, there is always a possibility of disconnection between the objectives and the actual course. 

Managing projects:

No matter how experienced professionals an e-learning course development agency has, defining your requirements clearly and making sure the e-learning service provider understands them is crucial. Tell them to set regular milestones and deadlines. 

Data sharing: 

This issue must be addressed internally. You should know how much data you must provide for an effective e-learning development process. Don’t share data that is not necessary, as it can distract the agency.

Summing up: 

Working with a reputable e-Learning content development company allows you to create productive solutions. You can take advantage of the experience of highly skilled people by outsourcing, and it's cost-efficient as well. It's better to engage your internal team in the process of regulating the e-Learning content to align with your business objectives. By understanding the needs of your company, you can blend the skills of your internal team with the experience of the eLearning content development company to generate top-quality eLearning courses for the betterment of your business. 


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