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Flash to HTML5 Services

Reviving Your Content: Flash to HTML5 Legacy Conversion

We offer a cost-effective and quick conversion service for your eLearning content.
Our team of experts will help you to convert your Flash to HTML5 in the most efficient way.

If you want to convert Flash to HTML5, we can assist you in making a seamless transfer that will improve your content's accessibility across all screen sizes, devices, and browsers.

We provide bespoke conversion solutions for e-learning providers, corporates, and publishers.

Our team of experts will take care of all the hard work for you! We know how to simplify the process so that you can focus on your content. You won't have to worry about any of the technical aspects of the conversion process. Let us handle all of the heavy liftings for you!

converting Flash to HTML5 with ease
best elearning development tools

All major eLearning authoring tools, such as Storyline and Captivate, are supported by our Flash to HTML5 conversion. Our team have the necessary expertise to understand our clients' needs and provide them with unmatched quality services.

Benefits of legacy conversion

user-friendly elearning interface

A user-friendly interface

HTML5 is far and away from the choice of most content conversion experts and eLearning developers when it comes to transferring Flash content because it supports all browser types, including mobile devices.

This important aspect should not be neglected, especially with so many individuals accessing their learning

"on the move."

Easy to customize

Whereas Flash was initially lauded for its high levels of interaction, graphics, and animation, HTML5 is being heralded as Flash's replacement due to its ability to create completely customized, immersive, dynamic content and visuals without a need for a plug-in or a third-party platform.

customized elearning
multi-media integration services

Multi-media Integration Services

Have you ever seen that irritating black box appear where a video or other multimedia element should have been? HTML5 eliminates these problems, resulting in a more pleasant user experience.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Are you in need of a Flash to HTML5 conversion?

We can help you convert your Flash content into HTML5 and ensure that it is fully accessible for all screen sizes, devices, and browsers.

Our experienced team has been converting Flash content to HTML5 for years.


Get in touch today to see how we can help you!

We're here to bring your eLearning vision to life. Take the next step – reach out to us today! Submit your inquiries, and let's begin on a journey of creating engaging and effective eLearning content together.

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Our Latest Case-Studies

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We recently helped our client from the Education industry create an interactive and effective eLearning program for students and faculty.

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A Pharmaceutical enterprise was looking for an on-demand training program that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. 

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  • Can e-learning translation helps in increasing productivity?
    e-Learning translation is the process of translating eLearning modules into another language. Many organizations and training schools are picking up this concept to promote their product and service in international markets. Kyteway are specialized in translating E-learning contents into different languages.
  • How does eLearning localization differ from translation, and why is it significant?
    eLearning localization goes beyond translation by adapting content culturally, considering context, and modifying graphics, examples, and scenarios to resonate with the target audience. It's crucial for creating culturally relevant and engaging learning experiences.
  • Can you translate bulk e-learning libraries into multiple languages?
    We can help you translate bulk e-learning library into multiple languages. To date, we have completed many projects for eLearning translation and localization. We have proven experience in translating all types of content, including text, images, and videos from English to a wide range of languages and cultures, including German, Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Dutch, etc.
  • What is eLearning translation, and why is it important for global audiences?
    eLearning translation is the process of adapting digital learning content for different languages and cultures. It's essential for reaching a global audience, ensuring inclusivity, and maximizing the effectiveness of training materials.
  • What is the process for eLearning translation and localization, and how long does it take?
    The process involves content analysis, translation, cultural adaptation, quality assurance, and testing. Project duration varies depending on content complexity but can range from a few weeks to several months.
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