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Custom eLearning Solutions and Development

We design & develop custom eLearning courses that are tailored to your unique training needs. our creative and innovative team will work with you to create a solution that fits your needs.

What is Custom eLearning?

Every corporate setting is unique with its own set of learning requirements, problems, and constraints. Therefore, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, learning experiences must be tailored to meet corporate needs and learning objectives.

As an eLearning provider, We listen to your demands and provide unique solutions precisely aligned with your company's goals and training objectives. As a result, we deliver tailored scalable learning experiences to your learning environment, whether it's a stand-alone training session or an extended course.


We are a one-stop solution for all of your eLearning requirements.

Our customized eLearning solutions provide a better way to impart your knowledge and skills to your employees, customers, and partners.

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Custom eLearning


Translation & Localization




Course Redeigning


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Custom Scripting

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Our customized approaches

Effective learning

Our highly effective and goal-driven approach to creating eLearning courses is based on the needs of the organization. We draw upon our expertise as instructional designers to design meaningful and appropriate training courses for the organization and align them with the organization’s strategic objectives.

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Interactive learning

Interactive learning is a real-hands-on approach to education that focuses on increasing student involvement via supervised social interaction. Our interactive learning solutions include carefully developed activities to support group learning, providing a demanding yet encouraging environment for students to grapple with new concepts and acquire practical skills.

Translation and localization

Kyteway provides bespoke elearning translation and localization services in more than 40 languages. We have native speakers and content writers, and we'll make sure your message is well understood by your worldwide audience.

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Game-based learning

Kyteway offers eLearning solutions that transform training from a time-consuming and expensive process into a fun and effective one, using the proven technology approach of game-based learning. 

Simulations and scenarios

Simulation scenarios are intended to test, educate, and assist learners in identifying gaps in their knowledge or application of that information. In Kyteway, we're experts at creating scenarios that consider the target learners' knowledge, objectives, desired outcomes, and context.

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Rapid authoring solutions

At Kyteway, we recognize a project's goals, which often results in customizing the approach to development. Rapid development doesn't automatically translate to a lack of customization. We have in-house dedicated experts for each popular tool and they track its features and explore customization possibilities.

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Key features of our custom eLearning

Every corporate setting is unique with its own set of learning requirements, problems, and constraints. own set of learning requirements, problems, and constraints.



We provide Learning Content that is tailored to your company's culture and environment. Furthermore, our courses are created in strict accordance with your brand and design standards.



We provide dynamic eLearning courses that deliver a real digital learning experience that leaves an indelible impact. In addition, our eLearning courses can assist you in using Learning Management Systems to track a learner's progress.



Our courses are designed with the user in mind and are aesthetically appealing to draw them into the training content, resulting in a personalized learning experience.



Training is readily available across various platforms, from PCs to iPads, thanks to our multi-device strategy, including HTML5 tools for bespoke eLearning material production.

Our Latest Case-Studies

Student Life


PowerPoint to eLearning

Digital Transformation

We recently helped our client from the Education industry create an interactive and effective eLearning program for students and faculty.

Science Lab


Process and Production Training

Onboarding Training

A Pharmaceutical enterprise was looking for an on-demand training program that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. 

Team Meeting


Work Fundamentals Training

Management Training

We were approached by a prominent leadership development firm in Dubai who had a unique proposition for us.


We are just a few clicks away from connecting.

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