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eLearning Translation and Localization

We are a global company and we understand that languages and cultures have different nuances. That is why our team is equipped to provide high-quality, localized translations for your eLearning courses. We can adapt courses based on your specific needs and budget.


Our localization service will make your content available in any language.

We provide you with an eLearning translation and localization service which is the most reliable, cost-effective, and fastest way to translate your content for global audiences.

We take pleasure in having native speakers and content writers who are fluent in more than 40 languages. Furthermore, we consistently offer localized items that your new audience not only understands but also appreciates.

Localization Solutions






& Closed Caption





 Audio-video integration


 Voice-over narration services

Whether you're watching or listening to anything, speech is an important element of the soundtrack. Speech can originate from persons we see in the movie (on-screen) or those we don't see in the movie (off-screen), such as the narrator's voice. We can give your production a voice, whether it's eLearning courses, product video guides, worldwide commercials, or movies.

Subtitling & Closed Caption

We use native speakers of the target language as subtitle translators. They make sure your subtitles sound great and give your viewers the story you want them to hear. Additionally, several expert transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer service representatives make up our team. To achieve best-in-class outcomes, we routinely assess the quality of our audio transcription services.


Multimedia localization

Multimedia localization, whether for commercial or educational purposes, can be a powerful and effective tool for communication. Due to rising demand, need, and interest in the information, more companies are turning to digital media, such as eLearning modules and films, to inform, teach, and educate their customers and employees locally and globally.

At Kyteway, we alter media such as audio or video to suit the preferences and needs of individuals in different parts of the world.

 Audio-video integration

Kyteway chooses the technological components, software, and accessories that enable audiovisual experiences and integrates them smoothly. Naturally, for each project, the best products and configurations differ. Nonetheless, our objective is to make it as simple as possible for end-users to reap the benefits of their organization's IT investments without wasting time figuring out how to utilize the systems.


Looking for a Content translation agency?

Our experienced translators are subject-matter specialists knowledgeable in numerous fields spanning 40+ languages, with considerable competence in linguistics and translation.

Our Rapid eLearning Solutions

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