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Reasons to Outsource Your E-learning Content Development: A Win-Win Strategy

Published 23 days ago



Designing e-learning content is certainly an uphill battle. It needs an extended team of experts and an in-depth study, and it's quite a prolonged and well-ordered process as well. You need a robust and effective procedure to carry out distinct tasks, or else it will become more complex, and errors can occur during the process. 


It’s grinding to meet timelines, attain quality results, and create engaging content when you don’t have a well-built and coherent procedure. Outsourcing e-learning content development is a good solution to handle the above-mentioned hurdles faced by many businesses when creating eLearning content. 

There are many eLearning content outsourcing benefits. By outsourcing your e-learning content development, you can focus on other aspects of your business while a professional body generates custom courses according to your requirements. 

Importance of Effective Content Development in Online Education: 

eLearning courses need top-quality content creation; the content should be interactive. When the content is gripping, learners remain motivated and engaged when they study. Content should be designed in such a way that learners not only memorize but also develop a deep understanding while they learn.


Article insight: By outsourcing eLearning content development, you will improve your team's abilities, and they will be equipped with the skills they require to deal with challenges. This strategy will certainly help your team bridge the skill gaps and stay updated. Not only this, but your organization will also get a group of fresh talent and skills. And importantly, it is cost-saving and brief. 

The Significance of Quality e-Learning Content: 

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Today's learners are more agile; they have the eagerness to learn new things and acquire knowledge. And they believe in accuracy and applicability. It's the instructional designer's responsibility to add these elements when designing e-learning courses to make them appealing to learners. eLearning can provide world-class learning across the globe. Engaging content is certainly required to leave a lasting impression on learners and to give them a great learning experience.


Online training programs are self-paced and completely different from traditional classroom training. In this method, teachers simplify the learning process rather than driving it. In situations like this, the importance of content is high in capturing and retaining the attention of learners.


Let's see how the quality of eLearning content is important and make a difference in eLearning. 

Makes learning captivating:

The applicable, to-the-point, and interesting content can easily flare up the interest of the learners and inspire them to explore the concept further. When you keep the learners engaged throughout the learning process, it makes the learning process more meaningful. 

Helps attain learning objectives:

Objectives like making your employees understand the safety precautions while operating tools or helping your staff learn different methods to enhance the customer base can easily be achieved by providing well-built and precise content in the learning material that is easy to understand.

Impact of well-designed e-learning materials on learning outcomes:

According to a recent study, organizations that employ a technological training approach and use well-designed e-learning materials have around 26% higher revenue per employee.  eLearning can help employees expand their career development opportunities while improving their job satisfaction. When employees feel valued, it will lead to a low turnover rate. And help employees work more productively. 

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The Challenges of In-house Content Development:

In this digital age, when organizations are competing for customer attention, the significance of engaging and top-quality content is ascendant. And it's not easy to keep your content always running. It requires time, money, and ability, which many companies just don’t have. This is why outsourcing is always a good option. But if you have time and resources to develop it, then in-house content creation can be a beneficial and productive option.


However, in-house content development comes with its own challenges. It's not easy to produce high-quality content, as it takes both time and resources. In-house content development needs time and can shift the focus of your team from other essential aspects like chasing leads and closing sales. 


Often, your internal staff lacks the skills and prowess compared to a complete range of creative abilities generally offered by outside agencies. There is also a risk of a lack of variety in your content approach, leading to a stack of content. It is beyond doubt that you need a team of specialists with enough experience in content strategy and writing for functional content marketing, which an in-house team normally lacks. You can hire an in-house writer or build a team of writers internally, but for that, you need a big budget to pay multiple people for content writing. 

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Can outsourcing content development help businesses? 

Certainly yes, in today's tech-based world, content certainly plays a big role when it comes to creating an online presence. To attract and retain users, magnify brand awareness, and drive organic traffic to websites, top-quality content is needed. However, generating gripping content frequently is not an easy task for many businesses. In this scenario, outsourcing content development is the best option. 

Let's shed some light on the benefits of quality e-learning content outsourcing and how it can affect businesses in different ways. 

Benefits of outsourcing content development: 

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Skilled professionals work for you: 

The key advantage of outsourcing content development is that a set of skilled professionals will be working for you. Freelancers or content creation agencies are usually trained in various niches, like blogging, copywriting, graphic design, or video production. By outsourcing, you can make good use of their expertise and experience to create high-quality content that suits your business objectives. 



When you hire and maintain an in-house content development team, it's quite expensive. Outsourcing content development can easily reduce these costs remarkably. Outsourcing eliminates the need for recruitment, training, salaries, and equipment costs related to an in-house team. Rather, they can use this amount to pay for precise content needs as and when required. So, outsourcing e-learning development for cost savings is not a bad idea. 


Saves time: 

Outsourcing certainly frees up precious time for organizations. They can focus more on their central competencies and planned initiatives rather than devoting numerous hours to researching, writing, and editing content. By assigning content development to expert e-learning content providers, businesses can be assured that their content will be delivered productively and timely, saving their effort and time.   

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When a business grows, its content requirements also multiply. Outsourcing content development delivers a capable solution to align with these growing requirements. And it allows you to ascend or descend swiftly, adjusting to the changing needs of your business. No matter whether it’s a single blog post or a complete content marketing campaign, outsourcing manages these things with ease. 

Innovative content ideas: 

Your content strategy will be flooded with modern ideas when you outsource content development. Because of content creators' experiences and insights, your brand’s messaging comes to life. This different approach leads to innovative content ideas, captivating storytelling, and a more diverse portrayal of your target audience.  

Quality and regularity: 

The term consistency comes to mind when we talk about content creation. As it is very crucial, outsourcing content development makes certain that you will have a consistent flow of top-quality content that suits your business style.

Greater ROI: 

Outsourcing content development usually helps businesses get more online traffic, resulting in more engaged readers and more leads. Outsourcing firms know how to employ content for search engine use. When you get more readers, a search engine will promote your site. This results in an increased online presence and attracts clients for good. This is the best practice for maximizing ROI with eLearning content outsourcing.  

The Challenges of Outsourcing eLearning Content Development:

The Challenges of Outsourcing eLearning Content Development

Let's shed some light on the challenges involved in outsourcing eLearning content development:


Split management responsibilities:

The owner may sometimes lose track of alterations and the development process their project undergoes when a project is outsourced. This can lead to the mishandling of internal tasks and cause severe problems for project development. 

Solution: The most important feature for the development of a successful e-learning project is certainly the communication between the vendor and owner. Regular review meetings can help you track the proceedings as well as make the required amendments. Changes made can be discussed in detail in these meetings. Assigning an internal project manager to manage multiple internal tasks also helps. He will also be the source of communication between the owner and vendor. 

Not meeting expectations:

This usually happens with most people when they outsource the project. The final product may not be the same as what you required. It may be different from the learning objectives associated with your project.


Solution: You can educate your provider through a detailed project brief. Tell them about your company and the requirements of the project. Clearly mentioning the goal of creating the eLearning project helps. Early-stage reviews are much better compared to late-post-development feedback. The final product is more likely to match your requirements when you make early changes to the project. 

Budget issues:

Outsourcing eLearning projects can save you money, but it all depends on the type of project you decide to outsource. Make sure the provider is transparent with the quoting of prices and includes hidden charges. If not, it can lead to a cost overrun.


Solution: Go through the terms and conditions outlined by the provider. It should comprise the budget breakdown for the entire process, and you can also ask for confirmation if an extra expense is involved. 

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Best Practices for Content Development Outsourcing: 

Outsourcing content development can be a wise move to save time and produce top-quality content. But you must carefully manage the risks and obstacles that come with it. 

elearning content development outsourcing

Let's have a look at some best practices for content development outsourcing. Follow these tips to attain your content marketing objectives.


Content strategy: 

You should have a clear and registered content strategy before outsourcing any content development assignment. This helps you meet your expectations with an outsourcing partner. Your target audience, content themes and topics, content formats, content calendar, and budget, and your KPIs (key performance indicators) should be included in your content strategy.  

An appropriate outsourcing partner: 

The success of your outsourcing project heavily depends on choosing the right eLearning content partner. You should ponder several aspects, like their specialization and experience, portfolio and references, delivery standards and quality, and, most importantly, their affinity with your brand values and vision. There are many online platforms and agencies where you can find prospective outsourcing partners. 


Define roles and responsibilities: 

You should identify and define distinct roles and responsibilities for both parties after selecting your outsourcing partner. This will help you avert uncertainty in your content development procedure. You need to mention specifically who will oversee the planning of content, research work, copyediting, proofreading, promotion, publications, dispensing, and analytics. It's always better to agree on the scope, timeline, and deliverables of every content development assignment. For recording and keeping an eye on roles and responsibilities, there are tools at hand like project management software or service level agreements (SLAs).


Clear communication: 

Clear communication is the key to any outsourcing partnership. Establishing clear and transparent communication lines with your outsourcing partner always helps. Email, phone, video conferencing, or messaging apps can help you do this. Keep them updated by sharing applicable and prompt information, feedback, objectives, guidelines, and performance data. Try to build mutual understanding with your outsourcing partner by appreciating their proposals and expertise.


Assess and refine your content performance: 

Assessing and optimizing your content performance is the last step of content development outsourcing. Gauge and track your content KPIs, like engagement, traffic, leads, conversions, and ROI. By using tools like analytics software and surveys, you can also probe your content’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and probabilities. According to the results, you can tweak and brush up on your content strategy, and objectives and inform your outsourcing partner. And importantly, try to learn from your failures with your outsourcing partner.

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Success stories of Outsourcing eLearning content development:

Curiosity Stream, a big global independent media company and video-on-demand streaming service started to outsource in 2019. They outsourced the development of their video feature, and it resulted in an increased number of hours watched. It also helped them to enhance their overall effectiveness and reduce the money needed to create the software.


A Netherlands-based online education platform; Study Tube, usually relies on nearshore programmers. First, they collaborated with part-time engineers, but it didn’t work out. Then they outsourced it to Ukrainian developers, and this outsourcing established their chances to expand their business. They are advancing persistently with a guarded investment totaling €1,500,000. 

A healthcare marketing agency named Points Group was finding it hard to produce rich content for a massive industry. They tried to create content in-house but failed. They were skeptical about outsourcing content development, but they decided to outsource because they had no other choice. To their shock, the service providers create blogs, video scripts, and landing pages in distinct voices and tones to help them increase their organic web traffic by 14% in just one year. And they also facilitate point groups to give more time to their clients rather than content development. 


Summing up:

By truly understanding your organization's requirements and its demands, you can make the decision to outsource eLearning content development. It can help your business grow and add value. It’s a compelling investment option that brings greater returns and generates customized, compatible, and exclusive eLearning content without dissipating internal resources. And it's always better to have an in-house team join forces with the agency to establish and execute a plan. Companies that elude outsourcing will face issues like increased costs, low productivity, and dwindling quality of work. 

These issues can lead any organization to a poor position, whereas companies that adopt outsourcing have a better chance of outperforming them. You just can't disregard outsourcing eLearning content development, as it has many benefits. Not only does it save you money and time, but it also gives you an edge over others. Appreciate the advantages of outsourcing eLearning content development and accumulating greater ROI rather than keeping everything in-house.   

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