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Training For Enterprise Resource Planning System


About Client

Our client is one of the leading companies in the information and entertainment industry. They have a reputation for providing innovative and lucrative entertainment experiences worldwide.

The company’s business segments entail theme parks, consumer items, experiences, media networks, and more. They now employ over 100,000 people throughout the globe, operating in at least 50 countries.

Client Requirements and Challenges


Because we needed to work on many languages simultaneously, we picked Adobe Captivate as the authoring tool because we believed it would allow us to translate and localize content quickly.

We used an agile development methodology and ensured we frequently communicated with the customer and the client's reviewers. Additionally, we created a checklist to keep us on track with the deliverables till the deadline. Finally, we established robust quality processes for the translated content after each stage.

Confident Businessman

The Result

We met the customer's deadline with zero disruption to the project. The project was both completed on time and on budget. Most importantly, our translated content was error-free, high quality, and user-friendly. The translation work was developed by a team of native speakers, which means that the quality was guaranteed and the content was translated very easily.

Working with Kyteway has been a great experience. The team has been available and quick to react when we need help, and they have come up with solutions that work for our business.

David Downrus, Vice President



we collaborate with key stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of your training requirements, your users, the learning content and the performance objectives.


we will initially develop a ‘proof of concept’ for you. This gives you an idea of what the end product will look like.


You review the course and advise us of any changes. We will implement the changes and send the final package back to you for your final review and sign-off.


Once the course is approved and signed off, we will work closely with you to deploy the developed eLearning module via your selected LMS.

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