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Effective and engaging classroom sessions with high visual appeal and interactive group activities are essential.

We provide instructors and participants with supplemental materials such as Instructor, Participant, and Train-The-Trainer manuals. Our solutions also include guidebooks and job aids to improve student retention and assist learners on the job.

Employee onboarding, software system training, sales enablement, compliance, and process training are all practical and visually appealing with our solutions. We work with worldwide companies in various sectors to create and generate high-quality content that helps them achieve their goals.


Our eLearning training programs

Work Fundamentals Training

At Kyteway, we offer employees and supervisors interactive telework courses. Employees receive a quick, practical introduction to telework during Work Fundamentals Training. It provides methods for determining whether telework is a suitable match for you and your current employment. It also teaches effective teleworking methods and how to stay "connected in" to the workplace and manage relationships with coworkers and clients.

Work Fundamentals Training also teaches managers the usefulness of telework. It guides managers through creating a telework program, choosing telework candidates, and managing effectively in a telework environment.

Process and Production Training

Many variables influence optimal production. As a result, manufacturers confront various problems daily, including lean processes, minimal inventories, efficient capacity utilization, and safe machinery.

Our seminars will assist you in making your output more competitive. We cover some of the topics, including industry 4.0, lean management, machine safety, production security and patents, and six sigma training.

Application Training (Simulation)

Simulation training is the creation of a true-to-life learning environment that replicates real-life tasks and conditions. Trainees may apply real-world knowledge and skills by participating in a practical, hands-on experience, rather than just reading theoretical texts or listening to lectures.


At Kyteway, we create one-of-a-kind training solutions tailored to each client's specific needs and environment. We make a customizable solution for your company's present and future needs as an eLearning and simulation-based training provider.

Scenario-based Training

Scenario-based learning is an active-learning method that employs real-life scenarios to provide learners with meaningful learning experiences. Creating successful e-learning scenarios is a sophisticated talent that involves careful consideration of method, issue framing, participant behavior, and a thorough grasp of situations

Kyteway has a team of professional scenario-based developers who create customized scenario-based learning solutions for organizations based on their training goals. We also construct genuine circumstances that the students may identify with.

Recorded Training

Traditional classroom instruction is ideal for a small group of pupils. But what if only one or two pupils are present? Or what if students' time or travel budgets prevent them from attending a classroom course? This is why recorded instruction may be used as a substitute for, or in addition to, classroom training.

In our custom-built studio at Kyteway, we conduct recorded instruction. The films are broadcast to the learner through the Internet, which means they are available around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The course material and training techniques are identical to those used in the classroom. In the recorded course, the trainer that we have in the school is the same one that teaches this course in the recorded format.

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